For Support Services

  • Superhulk will sell you the services without any guarantee of any kind that the service will work as desired for a long term, this depend on the usage and changing configuration on your device. that’s why we can’t provide any guarantee.
  • All the services will still pending after purchasing until we completed it, and you have to provide all the information needed to complete the support service.
  • Please Contact us first if you are confused about the time of completing the service, we can’t provide an ETA for any service however in most of cases it will be completed in the same day if you provide all the data needed to complete the Support Service, there maybe a delay if there’s some orders in queue. we still also make advantage for the quick support. so if we see that your service will take a slight time we will do it first.
  • All Our Support services are not recurring (Just one Time Fees), but it also not including any kind of VPS prices, license prices, Software prices (It’s just Fees of Support).

For VPS Hosting

  • Super Hulk selling VPS not as a hosting but like a support service for our clients who need a powerful VPS with a good support and maintenance.
  • We not allow any kind of scam websites.
  • We not allow any kind of porn websites.
  • We not allow any kind of hacking websites.
  • We not allow any kind of Spam Websites
  • We not allow any kind of Websites against the humanity.
  • We have the right to close any VPS if we see it’s not suitable.
  • Each VPS/Website has it’s own IP number, The Seller will be responsible for the traffic and we not allow any DDOS attack from or into our VPSs.
  • Each Seller is responsible for his Data and should make the needed backups.
  • we can’t guarantee any kind of uptime/downtime but when something happens we will contact the Datacenter to resolve any network issue or any hardware issue instantly.
  • VPSs Services managed (Limited to installing Control panel, installing web software, installing applications software, Support for issues) Please Contact Us First to if you need software to know if it’s available on our managed service.
  • VPSs is paid monthly

Web Applications

  • We Are Selling We Applications each Application/Software is encrypted by ioncube. and if we provide the source for small Applications or software we will include a comment in the title that the application is opensource.
  • Open Sources Application provided by us doesn’t mean it’s available for all, just the seller have the right to use Open Source Applications, so the seller doesn’t have the right to sell/resell any kind of software provided by us.
  • All the encrypted applications has it’s own Activation Key works only with the domain the seller choose, and the seller can ask to change the domain name for any time with/without Fees (Depending on the Software).
  • The Web Application is not refundable (except if we make a notice for that).
  • Installation service has fees, Support Service has fees. (The Price will not include any kind of support or installation just the Software Files).
  • Some Software provided for a subscription (Yearly, Monthly).
  • We don’t allow porn websites or scam websites on our Software.


  • We are using just one Kind of gateway (2CheckOut).
  • we will provide some other Gateways in the future.